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A Second Bicyclist Fatality

We have received word of a second bicyclist fatality, and would like to request any and all help in spreading the word and gathering relevant information about the accident. This accident has not yet received any media coverage. On Monday, May 17, at roughly 6:30 pm, Jay Fretz was at the intersection of Alameda and McClintock where he was struck by an SUV driver who did not see him. He was pronounced DOA at the hospital. He is survived by his wife and five-year-old daughter.

Update: We sent out a press release and got some media coverage for both incidents including an article on azcentral and ABC 15. The family along with TBAG and Bike Saviours are installing a ghost bike in memory of Jay this weekend. Meet at Bike Saviours at 10am on Saturday May 29th. We’ll ride to to the site of the accident at Alameda and McClintock. Here are a few shots of the ghost bike preparations:

Ghost 1
Ghost 2
Ghost 3

Click here for more photos of the ghost bike by Ryan Guzy

We will update this post again after the memorial.


  1. Michael Abegg Permalink

    Jay was as good a person as I have ever known! He was always looking for ways to make the world a better place. I will miss our conversations greatly. My heart goes out to his adorable little girl, his wife, and his parents.

  2. Dustin McDaniel Permalink

    Jay was one of the most genuine, sincere and intellegent men I know. he was an environmental activist and chose to ride a bike as a responsible and cost effective solution he can be a part of. This personal choice is admirable and something I looked up to, among many other endeavors. Jay is survived by a beautiful wife and daughter.

    it was on the corner of alameda and mcclintock. I would love to see a ghost bike for him but this is a family choice best left to them.

    he was not doa but succumbed to his injuries at around10:30pm monday.

    the wor,d lost a very bright spot this week and i am deeply saddened at the loss of my friend.

  3. Karen Stucke Permalink

    Thank you for mentioning the lack of media attention. I am alarmed that Tempe would have 2 bicycle fatalities this month, and I hope that more can be done to keep our bicyclists safe. I knew Jay and am mourning for his family. One of his passions was energy conservation. To learn a little bit about him, visit his website http://www.slayenergyvampires.com.

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