Annual meeting and elections! Sunday 11-13

How did we miss getting a post up about our annual meeting, you know the one where we buy pizza for everyone and ask for board nominations. We sent a MailChimp and posted to Facebook but apparently forgot about our blog.

Anyway, come on down to Boulders on Broadway on Sunday November 13th for our meeting. Nominate yourself (or a friend) for a board seat and join the fun that is Tempe Bicycle Action Group. We’re taking RSVPs but if you didn’t reply before the meeting that’s OK. We were just trying to get an idea of how much pizza to order.

We hope to do a quick business meeting before the food gets ordered, so plan to show up about 5 maybe? Perhaps we’ll do an overview of the last year or two of activities and some upcoming events also thanking the board members who have completed their terms before opening the floor for nominations.

Then a moment or two for introductions from the nominees (should they elect to do that) and it’s vote time. A couple of board members will retire to count before announcing the winners!